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IT Infrastructure

IT infrastructure has most important role in any organization besides their employees. Computer network design and functions intricately connected to every productive moment in business - IT infrastructure is down, business productivity is zero!

At DS Network, we intend to implement latest technological advancement to design & setup IT infrastructure in every office.

Our experts can access your IT requirements and provide you with best network design and solutions possible to fit your organizational needs. DS Network has solutions for every organization small OR big.

We offer...
  • Design & Setup Computer networks
  • Structured cabling for computer networks
  • Wi-Fi Networks
  • Virtual Private Networking (VPN)
  • Inter-Linking multiple branch offices
  • Windows server setup for Active Directory, DNS & Other services
  • Microsoft Exchange server for corporate emails
  • IIS & Intranet Setup
  • Terminal servers & Data Management
  • Inter-Office Instant Messanging service

Does your office have any special requirements, we can surely help...